• About Us

    Hatori Mufflers are made in Aichi, Japan. The company was started in 1974 by Tetsuo Hattori who is the President and design engineer of the company.

    Richard Sabin (SABIN R/C) started distributing Hatori mufflers in the USA in 1981 . By 1988 the helicopter side of Hatori mufflers had grown substantially in the USA. Special designed helicopter mufflers were added to the US line to accommodate the special flying characteristics of US fliers. They are designated by the “SB” and “SAB” prefix of the helicopter mufflers. We have engaged various top fliers for their input in their design, Jason Krause, Matt Botos, Bobby Watts, Todd Bennett. These mufflers especially for “3D” flying are considered #1 in the hobby industry. The highest quality components are used in their construction.. All welds are carefully checked and all designs are original.